Val Marie – A Village On The Prairie Grasslands

Grassland Adventures Beckon At Val Marie

Ever been to a prairie village? My village town Val Marie could prove a quaint stopover at the borders of US and Canada. It is located in Saskatchewan, which is located in Canada.

The prairie region here houses the Grasslands National Park, and Val Marie is the gateway to this place. You will surely enjoy the wildlife tours here as well as checking out the ranches or the wheat farms that are prevalent here.
There is an interesting history about this place. Early investigations into this area were conducted by the Palliser Expedition from 1857 to 1859. Several geologists and cartographers, as well as botanists, explored this region. The agricultural potential of the area was studied, and initially, the conclusions were that the area was dry and prone to drought; hence, it would be unfit for occupation. However, the village of Val Marie, short for Valley of Mary, was formed in 1910. The early settlers here were farmers and ranchers who came from France and Quebec. Due to the early French ranchers who settled here, the village remains French ethnically. Even today you can find our French roots and culture evident in our cafes, bakery stores, and other places.

Besides a quaint rural community that has English and French roots in its culture, Val Marie is the perfect place for you to experience the grasslands of the prairies. You will find black-tailed prairie dog colonies here as well as plains bison and other kinds of wildlife. You might have even come across the art performance that is based on Val Marie. Known as Grasslands – Where Heaven Meets Earth, it is a Canadian artist collaboration that portrays our little community very well.

Of course, no matter what time of the year you come here be prepared for extreme temperature. We do have prolonged heat spells as well as winter that can be long and windswept. The extended hours and days of sunlight that it receives are more than any part of Canada. However, you will love the experience of our open grasslands, our rural community, visits the ranches and our quaint cafes that tell stories of the region.