The Prairies Around Val Marie

The Prairies Around Val Marie

Prairies are stretches of land that are open, flat and covered in herbs, small shrubs, and grasses without trees being present. Most people associate central North America to be the land of the prairies, though such places do exist in other parts of the world like South America and Russia. The ecosystem of these lands is unique and so is the wildlife to be found here. Human settlements have also contributed to how these grasslands exist and these regions have evolved over times.

The word comes from the French word “meadow”; it could also be a coincidence that the French settlements were the earliest in Val Marie. Indeed, it is said that, when the European explorers came to this region, they were unaccustomed to seeing such tall grasses growing on the horizon. The flatlands also had unique animals that were unexpected and unusual for which the national parks here offer you the sights and sounds that cannot be found anywhere else.

Large flat areas and gentle slopes are standard features of a prairie region. The grasses here can grow as tall as the head of a person. Aromatic herbs and wildflowers are naturally found in such regions as well as small shrubs. There are animals which are natural inhabitants in these grasslands which include some who burrow for shelter as well as birds like larks.

Animals that are native to these grasslands are unique such as the Buffalo. It is one of the large animal species to be found here. They are used for cultivation purposes as well and help to scatter seeds across wide expanses of the land. The plans have rich soil that has attributed to large farms in this region. The ecology of the prairies has evolved due to human settlements as well as animals that inhabit the area. There is much concern about the exploitation of the grasslands due to industrial as well as farming uses. It is feared that, if the grasslands are lost, it would be a unique natural landscape that would be gone forever. Indeed, people, as well as animals who have been inhabitants of the prairies, have been shaped by the unique land and weather conditions here.

If you wish to discover the grasslands around Val Marie, it is best done by visiting the Grasslands National Park. You will surely love a tour of the grasslands in this national park, which is part of the national park system maintained by the Canadian government. Established in the year 1981, this park helps preserve the natural prairie habitat, which is essential to the ecosystem that thrives here. You will find exciting safari tours here, which showcase the animals to be found here such as prairie dogs, bison, sage grouse, burrowing owls, coyotes, brown bears, hawks, foxes and other species that are considered endangered and precious. There are many interesting facts to know about the grasslands here. For instance, the first remains of a dinosaur were found in these regions. You will get to know more when you plan your trip to Val Marie.