Spending Time At The Prairie Wind And Silver Sage

Prairie Wind And Silver Sage

This is an eco-museum that Val Marie is proud of and with good reason. There are different kinds of services this facility provides and it is a must stop for all who are new to Val Marie. Being home to art galleries, artifacts that display the history of the place in different ways, you will get engaged in discovering the unique aspects of this prairie community in more ways than one.

While the museum is the main part of this facility, there are lots more that this museum offers. You can enjoy homemade treats here as well as espresso and breakfast bagels. The museum is made part of several tours that are organized in the village or as part of the Grasslands National Parks tour. There is a bookstore where that provides you a comprehensive collection of the literary works of local authors.

Besides browsing through the museum artifacts or bookstore, you can pick up craft items as gifts or souvenirs to take home. Locally made items are available here which can be perfect mementos of your trip to the village of Val Marie.

The art galleries in this facility host exhibition of local artists. You can also wander about the prairie garden in the premises that showcase flowers and plants that are local to the region.

Public programs that are held at the facility, at Little Brick Schoolhouse or in other parts of the community are advertised through this facility. One can even visit the online site of this facility to know more.

Being a heartbeat away from the national park premises, you can easily drop by this eco-museum when you are camping in the forest areas or choose to put up at any accommodation in the village area.