Grassland Adventures Beckon At Val Marie

Grassland Adventures Beckon At Val Marie

Val Marie is also known to be home to the Grasslands or the Grassland Gallery, being the heart of the prairie region that forms the boundary between Canada and US. This village itself has a small community of 130 people, but being the gateway to the Grasslands National Park, it sees tourist here for the most part of the year.

The Canadian national park system includes this national park that helps preserve most of the grasslands of the prairie region that acts as the habitat of several wild animals here, some of which are endangered species as well. You will get to go on wildlife tours here, which showcase animals like the prairie dogs, bison, coyotes, hawks, burrowing owls and others that are unique to these grasslands.

Located in Saskatchewan district, this village is the perfect stop for you when you plan to visit the grasslands of this national park. Not only will you find affordable forms of accommodation here but enjoy a unique culture and communal feel. The quaint eateries and stores, as well as an eco-museum that is located here, offer you wonderful surprises that you would not expect in a village area. At the same time, you can experience solitude and oneness with nature like never before. The wide open plains offer you a riveting view of a sea of grass that ripples as the wind blow by under a sky that is untainted by urban pollution. You can take your pick of a traditional Prairie rental home here or choose to camp out in your trailer. The evening sky lights up with brilliant stars while you get to visit sites where dinosaur remains were found or tipi rings in the day time.

There are lots of ways you can experience prairie life here at Val Marie. Plan a camping weekend here with different campgrounds and cabins available for rent. You can get them around town or in the national park grounds as well. Backcountry hiking is a wonderful way to discover the landscape on your feet. There are organized hiking tours here that you could sign up for as well.

There are several national park areas and historic sites to check out in the nearby regions, making your visit to Val Marie a unique and eventful one indeed. That is probably not something you would expect when you first come across the sleepy town of Val Marie.