Enjoying Your Meals At Val Marie

Harvest Moon Café

No visit to a place is complete unless you have tasted the local food there. Even a simple sandwich made with local ingredients will give you a unique flavor to experience. That is what you can look forward to when you plan a trip to Val Marie. Being a gateway to the Grasslands, it offers you a look and feel of the unique prairie life and culture that dates back centuries.

The highlighted eatery of this village area is Harvest Moon Café. Being a small restaurant, it is thronged by all visitors here. Whether you are staying at the campgrounds or any of the apartments or vacation rentals, you will surely want to travel down here to savor the items on the menu made from fresh ingredients and a touch of the local cuisine. The eatery has its own Facebook site and you can be a follower to know what specials they have on their menu every day. Most weekend meals have special offerings which you can know about from beforehand from their social media site. Their specials include home cooked food items and signature ones like the Bison burger.

For your daily dose of freshly brewed coffee, you can make your way to the eco-museum Prairie Wind and Silver Sage. There are homemade treats, lattes, and desserts, try here every day. You can browse through the museum artifacts; check out local products here as well as art exhibits or the bookstore it houses.  

Val Marie hotel is another long-standing place where you can get standard fares like Chinese or Western food items.

If you are cooking up fresh meals yourself, get over to Whitemud which has fresh groceries in the store as well as spirits, beer and wine for your larder at the rental you are staying.