Different Ways To Enjoy Summers At Val Marie

Different Ways To EnjCamping Options In Grasslands National Parkoy Summers At Val Marie

If you head over to the quaint village of Val Marie, you will find a lot happening here. It serves as the gateway to the Grasslands National Park and hence, there are several tours that are organized here, especially in the summers.

The Grassland Classic tour

This is a comprehensive tour that will give you a comprehensive view of Val Marie as well as on the national park grounds. Organized jointly by the village community as well as Parks Canada, it includes a weekend of activities which will give you tours of the village as well as accommodation and activities to take part in at the campgrounds. Hosted by Bryan Trottier, the NHL legend, you get to experience his hospitality as one of the old members of this village. There are guided walking tours that take you across town and experiences like the outdoor marketplace that is held here. You have then whisked away to the campgrounds where you can take part in different wildlife tours, fun activities with your children and so forth. Many local entertainment shows are also organized for the participants of these tours.

Beyond the Big Dipper

This is a tour that helps you enjoy the facilities that Royal Astronomical Society provides. Known as the Dark Sky Preserve, there are stars to be seen here and other astronomical events which visitors are taken through by experienced astronomers. The view that you get of the universe from the national park area is spectacular and a learning experience for kids and adults alike.

Different Ways To Enjoy Summers At Val Marie

Fossil fever and Badlands Blast

This is a tour that focuses on showing you the Badlands where the first dinosaur fossils were discovered. This tour can be a comprehensive five-day event where you get hands-on lessons on how paleontologists work at different dig sites. You get to unlock mysteries of times when prehistoric creatures roamed the very grounds where the prairie grounds now lie. The tours are made entertaining by ensuring that your evenings are fun and rocking with great music that is offered by local musicians and suppers dished up by the local eateries. We had the best time at the Village Eatery last year with the owner of http://www.steelecarpet.com. I would highly recommend checking out this place. 

The above tours are some of the many ways you can enjoy the grasslands and Val Marie when you visit here. These will make your summer enjoyable and memorable in unique ways. Be sure to book your tours in advance as the days are coming up real soon.