Camping Options In Grasslands National Park

Different Ways To EnjCamping Options In Grasslands National Parkoy Summers At Val Marie

If you are planning to go camping in the wilderness this summer, the Grasslands in Saskatchewan district, also known as the Grasslands National Park would be a great destination. Located in the borders of the US and Canada, you will surely enjoy camping to enjoy the unique prairie grasslands which are a far cry from the other wooded national park area in other places.

Camping grounds are offered which include amenities like tents and cabins for booking. You might get your RV and put up for the weekend or even book a comfortable cabin to stay in. The Grasslands National Park run by Parks Canada has several amenities on offer in distinct camping grounds. If you are wondering what kind of camping accommodations are available here, you can easily look up the rental facilities offered through Parks Canada.  

Different Ways To Enjoy Summers At Val Marie

The camping units offered here are unique. You can find a blend of a cabin and tent like facilities here. Such cabins are fitted with furniture and beds that are placed on raised floor. With affordable pricing, you can expect such units to be the perfect solution for your camping accommodation search. These unique camping units have sleeping areas that can accommodate up to six people. You could get your double or queen sized mattresses here and fit them up comfortably on the sleeping platforms provided. There is a table along with seating provided for six people. With a battery powered lamp, you will have illumination as you need it along with a provision to use your own. There are cleaning equipment provided as well, but plumbing facilities are not available.

Each campsite has a front deck, fire pit, picnic table and provision for setting up a barbecue. You can enjoy lounging around in the Adirondack chairs and get easy access to vault toilets. There is a Coulee center close by where you will get to lounge in an air conditioned environment, find information about park programs and be able to cook and eat.

If you wish to avail of these camping unit accommodation rentals it is best that you get your own sleeping equipment. Ensure that you have drinks and food along with you as well as shoes, slippers, flashlights, and lighters for making outdoor fire. However, there are regulations to follow when you make a fire in the outdoor pits. Also, pets are not allowed in these units. However, for those planning a camping holiday with their kids, such units can be great fun and affordable and provide you the basic comforts of a cabin in the wilderness. You will get to enjoy the wildlife and natural surroundings best in such a setting, ideally located in the grasslands national park area.