Accommodation Options In Val Marie

Prairie Home In Val Marie

This quaint village town by the borders of the US and Canada lies in the prairie region and forms the gateway to the Grasslands National Park. Being part of the Saskatchewan district, there are many tourists who come by and visit or pass by this small community of 130 people. If you are looking for accommodation options here, there are some quaint ones that offer you a unique place to stay which are steeped in the history and culture of the grassland community.

The Convent is a converted convent that offers an ideal place to stay along with a Chapel that can be the perfect place for you to quietly reflect on your life. There are nine bedrooms in this accommodation place along with log balconies, a large sitting room, all converted from a high school that had been run here by The Sisters of Assumption. The building was closed and lay vacant for eighteen years before it was made an ideal place for travelers to stay.

The Crossing at Grasslands is another popular choice of accommodation in this area. There are self-catering apartments offered which are of one or two bedroom combinations. Ideal for weekly or weekend stays, each suite or apartment comprises of one or two bedrooms, a kitchenette, private bath and modern furnishings and amenities.

Don’s Place also offers vacation rentals here. They are an eco-friendly accommodation that is located right by the Grasslands National Park. Every suite has a kitchen and sitting area that are fully furnished. Simply get your essentials along and prepare to enjoy your vacations at affordable prices here.

Accommodation Options In Val Marie

Rosefield Church Guesthouse is another converted place that is steeped in local culture. You will find modern amenities here such as a modern kitchen that accommodates the needs of customers. It is an eco-friendly accommodation where power is created by the wind and solar resources. Basic amenities are provided to make it the ideal retreat when you plan to vacation at the Grasslands.

Sky Story bed and breakfast is another ideal place where you could put up, get your dose of local hospitality with the people who run the place and provide you the guidance you need to get around in town or in the grasslands.

There are other historic accommodations in Val Marie that could make your visit an interesting one. You could also choose to live in the camping tents offered at the campgrounds of the national park.