A Typical Prairie Home In Val Marie

Prairie Home In Val Marie

Prairie style houses are distinct. They have certain architectural features that characterize them. Indeed, the architects that promoted the distinct architectural styles are known to belong to the Prairie school. This style of architecture emerged in the early part of the 20th century, along the time when settlements in the prairie regions began to evolve in the Midwestern part of US.

This school of architecture was seen as an alternative to the standard European methods that were used as well as the urban and machine based construction methods. There are certain characteristics of prairie style houses that can be seen in and around Val Marie as well.

Any typical prairie style house in Val Marie will show you how such structures were formed. They usually include horizontal lines that are strong and defined as well as hipped and low pitched roofs. They have wide eaves and windows arranged in bands. Interiors of such houses are designed to give comfort as well as promote functional aspects of a home. What you will probably find in most typical prairie homes here are ventilation features that allow in natural light in a large amount as well as a central fireplace and lots of open spaces. Hence, prairie home architecture can be deemed to be natural and sustainable as per modern eco-construction methods.

Frank Lloyd Wright construed the concepts of this form of architecture by the later part of the 19th century. Wright worked under the mentorship of Louis H. Sullivan. He then formed a design firm that strove to find ways of designing homes and buildings that shrug off the ornate features as was prevalent in the European style of architecture. Hence, artisanal features were brought in and homes were made to be organic that would blend in with the surroundings. As the Midwestern prairie lands are without trees and flat stretches of land, the houses were designed to be low in height with strong horizontal construction panels being used. That led to the appearance of prairie homes seeming to rise from the ground and spreading out instead of reaching for the sky.

A typical prairie home would have hipped roof that slopes downwards which keep it low pitched instead of the usual steep roof structures. The edges or the eaves tend to protrude out, much beyond the walls of a home and towards the ground. Windows of a prairie style house would be arranged in wide bands. These emphasize the horizontal lines of the building even more.

Such homes have built-in features for comfort and functionality. Interiors of such homes have open and broad spaces which form the main living room area. There is a fireplace placed centrally. The placement of the windows is such that natural light flows through a home in abundance. As a result, lighting and ventilation or blowing of air are maximized in such homes. When you come to Val Marie and put up at a lodging here, you will enjoy such settings and features that are typical of prairie homes.